Annual Treatment Plan

Below is an example of a typical annual plan Continuous monitoring of a lawns progress is a necessity as every lawn reacts differently to treatments.

TREATMENT 1 (March- May)

The 1st application is a mini granular fertilizer that is active at lower temperatures which stimulates root growth and ensures a strong, healthy lawn. This treatment also includes the first selective herbicide targeting weeds present in your lawn.

TREATMENT 2 (May-July)

The 2nd application is a high quality non scorch mini granular controlled release fertilizer which will feed the lawn for approximately 10 weeks (all lawns differ) a further weed control is applied at this time if required

TREATMENT 3 (August-October)

The 3rd application is another mini granular fertilizer that will strengthen the cell walls in preparation for winter which will make the grass more resistant to lower temperatures and gives a full green lawn

TREATMENT 4 (November-March)

This treatment is a liquid feed that will produce a dark green healthy lawn that will also help restrict moss spores forming in the lawn.

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The Lawn Wizard recommends you mow your lawn at least once a week to keep it in top condition. If you prefer just to relax and enjoy the view why not give us a call and we will mow it for you.

July 2, 2015

Spring is in the Air

Book your first Spring weed and feed Lawn Treatments of 2014. All lawns need some tlc and the Lawn Wizard can advise on the best course of treatment.